Natalie Wisniewski, PhD

Company Building Partner

Natalie Wisniewski, PhD

A member of the Material Impact entrepreneurial advisory board since 2018, Natalie brings her experience in helping to launch and build start-ups.

Chief among her start-up experience is Profusa, where she conceived the IP, built the company road map, enlisted top talent, secured funding, and took the technology from concept to product commercialization.

Natalie was a member of Profusa’s BOD, served as the CTO and secured $30M of DARPA and NIH funds, which were used synergistically with $60M of investments from angel and venture funds. Winner of the NIH Transformative Research Award, she is a recognized leader in sensors, body metrics and mobile health. Since exiting Profusa, Natalie serves on the advisory boards of several start-up companies, the NSF Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technology (ASSIST), and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Duke University.

In addition to her entrepreneurial career, she was a business consultant at McKinsey & Company and a consumer products developer at Kimberly-Clark. She has nearly two decades of regulatory, clinical, and technical consulting experience in the medical device and diagnostics industry. In her free time, she serves on the board of World Possible Sierra Leone, a non-profit dedicated to bringing the world’s knowledge to rural Sierra Leone through EdTech innovations.

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Natalie Wisniewski, PhD


BS, Chemical EngineeringPurdue University

PhD, Biomedical EngineeringDuke University in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute

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