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Our Advantage

Broad network connections and relationships: academia, industry, large companies, government.

Relevant, deep operating and investing experience.

A strong understanding of deep tech and material science before it was cool.

True skin-in-the-game partnership in every meaning.

Everything you need to make your big idea not so crazy after all.

Our Company Building Toolkit is designed to help portfolio companies navigate the obstacles that stand in the way of their success.

The things you need to get your company off the ground.

  • Co-investor selection

    The right investor syndicate can make or break your startup, particularly in its early days. Our strategic approach to bringing the right people to the table ensures you’ll have access to the capital, expertise and resources that directly complement your stage, technology, team, and business model.

  • Strategic partner relationships

    Our connections run deep throughout the industry. We can give you the introductions that lead to strategic partnerships giving you the edge in technology, know-how, commercialization and channels to market and capital.

  • Fundraising pitch deck development

    Learn how to develop an effective fundraising pitch deck and tell your company’s story with conviction. We’ll work with you to develop a commercial narrative and walk you through how VCs approach their decision-making process. Then we’ll pull your story into a compelling design that sizzles as much as it sells.

  • Non-dilutive funding

    We believe that non-dilutive funding is a critical building block for an early-stage company, and our portfolio reflects it. We work with founders to seek out and apply for non-dilutive sources that go beyond funding by bringing needed expertise into the business to help you forge a path forward to commercialization.

Support for every aspect of bringing your product to market.

  • Customer discovery

    Product-market fit relies on good customer discovery, but many startups skip this important step in the commercialization strategy process. We leverage our large corporate network to introduce you to target customers who can help you shape your product and business model. We’ll teach you to properly engage end-users of your product so you can validate and test your market assumptions.

  • Product positioning

    Our product positioning workshop is designed to bring together all of the elements you need to carve out your value proposition and unique stake in the marketplace. Taking into account your customers, your product’s strengths and weaknesses, and your competitors, we’ll co-develop a positioning statement that clearly defines the problem you’re setting out to solve and why your solution is compelling.

  • Business model development

    When it comes to business models, we’ve seen it all. No two in the Material Impact portfolio are the same, and we bring our breadth of experience to bear when helping founders develop innovative business models that capture the most value for their product or service.

  • Go-to-market strategy

    Even the brightest ideas can burn out if they aren’t executed thoughtfully. Our team’s history of successful product launches makes us uniquely qualified to work with founders to develop an actionable and effective go-to-market strategy designed to mitigate risk and maximize returns.

  • Product development

    At our core, we are scientists, engineers and product builders. We serve as an extension of your product team to take your product from concept through launch and beyond.

  • Product launch planning

    The dates, deliverables and dependencies required of a successful launch plan can be overwhelming for a resource-constrained startup bringing a product to market for the first time. Our customer-focused product launch formula gives you the planning tools and tactics required to target your customers and make a splash in the market.

  • Business development and deal negotiations

    It’s never too early to establish and nurture customer relationships that drive long-term value for your company. Increasingly, large corporations are looking to work with deep tech startups earlier in their development to help shape a product that meets the needs of their industry. We help founders secure these kinds of relationships that, beyond validating product-market fit, can result in early revenue streams for the company.

  • Branding

    Reeling in investors and customers is contingent on how people feel about you. Your brand is your superpower and can make you look bigger, badder and bolder than you are. We help you to establish your unique identity, bring it to life and reinforce it across all your channels.

  • PR & communications

    Long before you have market success or revenue, your credibility in your industry will be measured by the buzz, recognition and thought leadership you cultivate. We are experts in crafting the right message and targeting the right journalists, events and awards to bring your story and your tech into the spotlight.

Fine-tuning your business to fire on all cylinders.

  • Talent recruitment and development

    Team quality is a major predictor of a startup’s success, yet as a resource-constrained company in a competitive talent market, the odds may be stacked against you. We help founders consider hiring decisions at all levels from every angle, from cultural fit to talent planning to job descriptions to headhunter selections, then stay by your side through interviews and the onboarding process.

  • Business planning cycle (budget, forecasting, goal setting)

    Part of growing your startup is ensuring it has a solid operational foundation for growth. We can help turn your strategy into an actionable plan with goal setting, project planning with budget, forecasting, and budget to match. Staying aligned to your goals and knowing your priorities are key when you’re a scrappy startup.

  • G&A and office space procurement

    Putting your startup in a position of success via IPO or any other exit means maturing the operations in addition to your product. We can help you plan and negotiate corporate real estate, and support operational roles like accounting, IT, facilities, and other activities to ensure a smooth operation so you can focus on developing your tech.

  • Sustainability strategy & B Corporation assessment

    Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) impact is inherent to each of our portfolio companies’ business models, and we help you translate that impact into value and excess returns for shareholders. We use the B-Corporation Impact Assessment, a tool designed to measure the social and environmental impacts of a business, to help measure how your business creates a positive impact for the world.

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