Christian Theriault


Christian Theriault

A member of the Material Impact entrepreneurial advisory board since 2020, Christian Theriault is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with expertise across several deep-tech industries.

Christian has been involved with mentoring and investing in high-tech startups for nearly a decade supporting various academic and national accelerator programs.

He joined Material Impact to find, nurture, and develop opportunities at the intersection of material science innovation and category-defining products.

Before becoming a full-time mentor and investor, Christian co-founded or was involved with startups in robotics, machine vision, medical devices, and new chemical entity development. 

His latest company was acquired by a Japanese multinational and has the distinction of producing the world’s fastest focusing lens – widely used across several market verticals ranging from laser material processing to metrology, quality assurance, and biomedical engineering. 

Prior to TAG Optics, Christian spun out two medical device companies based on work emanating from his graduate degree and worked at a biotechnology startup developing NCEs in the dermatology and neuropharmacology space where he helped bring several products to market.  

Christian currently serves as EIR for NSF’s I-Corps Northeast Regional Hub housed at Princeton University.  He holds an MSE in Material Science, Mechanical Engineering and Process Management and an A.B. in Molecular Biology and Bioengineering, both from Princeton University; he has authored several academic papers and holds numerous patents.  He currently serves as an advisor to several technology and consumer-facing startups and resides in New York City.

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Christian Theriault


AB, Molecular Biology, Material Sciences, BioEngineeringPrinceton University

MSE, Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship, Material SciencePrinceton University

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